About us

The Thermal Mermaid is a Family Business

We are located in Waterbury, Connecticut.

At Thermal Mermaid we make hand made artisan soap with techniques just like your great- grandmother made a hundred years ago. Our creations include:

  • Natural Chemical Free Skin Loving Soap
  • Unique Artisan Crafts Exclusive to our Brand
  • We use rich luxury butters & oils in our products

Our home

Our city. Waterbury, CT

Meet Us in Person

You can come meet us in person every Sunday at the Elephant's Trunk Flea Market in New Milford, CT. Come and introduce yourself, especially if you're a soap maker for hobby or business!


“I love getting pretty wrapped packages in the mail. It's just like opening a box of candy without the calories” ~ Caryn Reynolds

“I love knowing there aren't any chemicals that I can't even pronounce in the soap I buy. Thermal Mermaid soap feels like silk and cream. I want to eat it.” ~ Monica Rea