Whether you are a beginner or experienced lotion crafter the lotion calculator from Thermal Mermaid is a heavy tool in formulating a fantastic base recipe for several different types of products. From hard moisturizers to light weight lotions the calculator   doesn't just give you a  formula, but it guides you through the types of ingredients you need to add to make a custom product type. 

Watch the video on how this calculator works.

So, why is this calculator so powerful for lotion crafters?

Stating the obvious,  it pops out a full lotion recipe perfectly balance for the type of product you want to create. This is fantastic for those who are just getting started learning how to  make natural lotions and haven't yet noticed that the variety of moisturizers one can make follow a pattern of ingredients. The convenience of having this tool at your finger tips starts to become more obvious when one has already created their perfect summer wear lotion and wants to convert the same recipe into a solid lotion bar.  The ingredients only need be shuffled in just the right way to get an entire line of matching products. The calculator allows you to switch the product type and run down your preferred ingredient guiding you on what to omit or add as you go along. No need to recalculate or second guess on how much preservative or water to omit. Just follow the prompt as you move down the calculator and the entire project is crafted in a minute.