Today's cosmetic is infused with CBD. Let's talk about how the Soothing Hemp Oil and Honey Night Creme is different from other formulas and why CBD infused formulas are known to give you a relaxing effect when you rub it onto your skin even when you are not consuming it in the form of a food or under our tongue as a drop.

What helps to make a heavy moisturizing creme?

       Lotions come in a variety of formulas. Some are suitable for summer and warm muggy weather. Others are built for a deep hydration to sooth the surface of the skin from harsh exposure to the elements. The ingredients below will give you a rich heavy moisturizing body butter that will stay on the surface of the skin for a few minutes and trap moisture, making it a great choice for night time wear or an after shower product. The difference between a light weight summer time lotion and a heavy skin soaking lingering recipe are the additives that work as an humectant. Glycerin and honey are combined in this recipe to create that heavy rich moisture trapping property. You can add a blend of honey and glycerin to any basic DIY hand made lotion to give the final product a deeper moisturizing effect.

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Does rubbing CBD onto your skin actually help with soothing relief?

So how does a hand made topical CBD lotion actually work? One might think that when you rub something onto your skin your skin soaks up the oils and absorbs into your body. Unless the creme you're using is actually a medicine that is made to do that, then your lotion does not go any further past the top layers of skin.  If a creme is engineered with molecules so tiny that it can pass through your skin then that type of consumption would actually be classified as a food or a drug, and it is regulated by the FDA. Nothing you buy on the store shelves or make at home with basic ingredients can penetrate into your skin like a food or drug. This includes the oils from CBD isolate powder.

So, if the CBD particles don't go into your body, how does it make you feel relaxed? Your body has something called an Endocannabinoid System. This system is primarily built into your nervous system and brain, but it also exists in your skin. It is made up of molecules called endocannibinoids, receptors, and enzymes that move back and forth between the endocannibinonds and the receptors sending signals to your brain.

When the cannibinoids in your CBD lotion make contact with your skin they stimulate the cells responsible for this communication and start signaling activity in this system creating a soothing effect. Some people report anti inflammatory affects directly on their skin, while other people report relief in general pain like arthritis or muscle aches.

Studies proving these claims are limited, but the few that exist suggest there is emerging evidence that this may be true. One reason why different people report a variety of pain relief experience is because the people are infinitely complicated, and it is the persons body that is responding to an outside stimulant. In this case, the stimulant is the CBD molecules coming in contact with the skin.  It is not the actual CBD chemical entering the body and doing anything internally. For this reason CBD lotions are not medicine, and we can not make any claims that it will definitely do one thing or another for any individual person.

So creating CBD topical skin cream is definitely worth  a try for those who want a holistic boost in a relating soothing effect. The perceived benefits of hand made natural lotions appear to be validated by the number of people who report different forms of relief.