Cold Process Soap Dough / Clay

This is a terrific recipe that will make a great soap dough. Not your typical soup dough, this recipe is reliable and also less expensive to make, so if you are getting into a small business with your soap making you want to make a great product AND watch your pennies.


Soap Dough Recipe

This recipe will yield 1 pound of soap.

What you need:

  • 6.08 oz. Of Distilled Water
  • 2.27 oz. Of Lye (NaOH)
  • 5.6 oz. oz. Of Lard
  • 4 oz. Of Coconut Oil
  • 3.2 oz. Of Palm Shortening
  • 1.6 oz. Of Canola Oil
  • 1.6 oz of Shea butter

Colorants and Micas as you desire


First, dissolve the lye crystals into cold distilled water. Set the lye water solution aside to cool until it reaches room temperature. Next, melt the hard oils into the soft oils and bled the oils well. When the lye water solution and oils are within 20 degrees from each other gently pour the lye water solution into the oils. Emulsify completely with a stick blender.

Separate the soap batter into as many colors as you wish and color the soap with mica or colorant.

Lay a sheet of plastic wrap into a 12-24 oz. Disposable plastic container. Prepare as many containers as you have colors to make. Pour each colored part of batter directly into the center of the plastic wrap and cover the tops of the soap with plastic wrap. Loosly place the container lids on top and set the soap aside from 1 – 2 days until it becomes firm.

You can start to use the soap dough like modeling clay as soon as it reaches the same texture as clay. Keep the soap wrapped and away from air when not in use. The soap must be prevented from curing for as long as you wish to store it. Keep the dough tightly sealed once it has reached the correct texture.

If the dough is exposed to moisture the surface may feel sticky. Dust your finger tips with a light layer of corn starch and work with the dough until it feels normal again.

If the dough has been in storage for a while it will become hard just like modeling clay. As long as it has been sealed from exposure to air you can work with it between your fingers until it becomes soft and pliable again.

This soap dough will last for several weeks.