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Lesson 2.6 Swirl Technique - Drop Swirl

The drop swirl is another great way to get your colors to look unique and beautiful. Here is another great technique.

The cliff dive bar that we make at Thermal Mermaid is easy to make in your kitchen. This recipe is a reminder that you can make a solid bar of soap with a nice feel and lather with a good portion of your recipe as corn oil. Most of our recipes don't include corn oil, but this recipe serves as a reminder that soap is soap is soap and the oils that you have sitting in your kitchen cabinets are not inferior to exotic oils. As long as your recipe is measured correctly your end result is soap 100% of the time.

This recipe is called our cliff dive bar because it uses a simple drip swirl technique and a color scheme that reminded me of a rocky ledge in Florida  used to jump from years ago. The little weeds and buds were yellow and blue and they traced across the brown rocks to the green water below. The fragrance oil in this bar is Bamboo & Grapefruit, which also reminded me of the wild hybrid citrus trees along the path to the sea water.