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Lesson 10 : Resources & Supplies

Now that you have your creative product line designed, you will want to know the best places to buy your ingredients, additives, and packaging.

Welcome to Part 10

Welcome to Part 10 in our Soap Maker's Course. Now that you've made it this far,  you will find that you still have a tone of information to sift through down in the recipe directory. New recipes are added each month to make your subscription worth while, and material is updated as information changes so that none of the details become obsolete. In this section, we have added material to help you get through some of the other unknowns about starting your small business.


If you've wondered if business insurance applies to what you're doing and if you need it, I recommend checking out this explanation of what kind of coverage relates to a home craft making cottage industry and being a local vendor. There are links to reputable insurance companies from big corporate names you will recognize to smaller policy writers who specializes in just hand made soap. This is worth your while if you are considering stepping your business up to a wider market, and these resources will give you a step up on comparing whats out there so you can find what might fit your needs.


If you've wondered where exactly all our supplies come from, this changes over time as we compare whats out there and discover new offers. I have a list of just about all the resources we use from purchasing materials to tech and web hosting. I have documented here the places that I use to keep my costs as low as possible. This information will be more efficient for US subscribers since anyone outside the US will have to consider additional shipping costs. All the links you find are businesses that I use and buy from. In some cases, some links are affiliate links. Any support you offer by using these affiliate links goes back into helping create resources for this website and that is greatly appreciated. I have written in the description where I have posted affiliate links so that you know which ones these are, and additionally there are no resources posted for the purpose of just being affiliate links. Every resource that I have posted is from a company that I use. So, I can get a good idea of the quality and compare that to the cost of their product. If you have suggestions for other resources that you think could be more cost effective or better, please feel free to contact me and I can do a comparison and keep this page updated with the most competitive resources. If you are outside the United States and would like to add suggestions to this list, also please feel welcome to contact me.

There may be resources that I'm not aware of, but the purpose of this section is to keep you as updated as possible on the best way you can spend your money for your business needs based on how I keep my costs as low as possible.

Price Strategy

In 10.3 we will touch on how you set your selling prices. It's a good idea to think of it as a strategy and not as a rule. This helps you develop the skill to be flexible to adapt to your environment. Not being adaptable can kill a business faster than anything, and this skill will put you in the right frame of mind from the beginning so that you can get through the unforeseen bumps that might happen along the way.

More Books

Also, I have posted in this section several of my downloadable E-books from years past. You are welcome to take these books and their recipes, change them, use them, and do what you like to help support and grow your business These are some of the first books my daughter and I had ever together written a decade ago and as the years have gone on we have updated, tweeked, and changed recipes to improve them. We do occasionally update these books with improved recipes as time goes on. Although we continue to publish new recipe books, you will find 100's at your disposal in lesson 10.4 so if you want to own a copy for yourself you can have them here.


Don't forget, the course doesn't end here. We continue to add new recipes in the directory down below, and we are active over at our Facebook group, so if you would like to work on any of these recipes or want help with any of your own we can interact in live time and will be thrilled to have you join us at Thermal Mermaid Soap & Bath Making. Hope to meet you there.