Soap Maker's Course & Resources


Lesson 1.1 Dashboard Review

Congratulations on taking the first step to learning the artisan craft of soap making. Once you begin developing your skills you will begin making soap to fit your personality.  For those who enjoy this craft more you can explore business ideas. There are several ways to turn your soap making skill into a business. Enjoy these different ideas to get you started.

       In this quick video we would like to make sure we leave you with two quick messages before we get started.

       First, even if you have a bit of soap making experience, please don't skip out on reviewing our safety instructions. Any possible chemical injury is 100% preventable with a little for thought and knowledge.

     Second, even if you have hobby soap making in mind, all of our recipes are commercial quality products. Nothing you learn to make will be a flimsy or low quality craft. We have created these lessons and recipes with the intention that they are made for a business product line. Enjoy!