Terms of Service


By becoming a member of Thermal Mermaid, you understand and agree to the terms of Service of this website. By placing your membership you have read and agreed to these terms. The following terms apply to all members, and the website owner reserves the right to update, modify, or change the terms at any time with no obligation to make notification of changes. (I.E : check back and review the terms if this is important to you.)


  • The member is signing up to access content that is the creative property of the website owner. The content is in a constant fluid state of development, enhancement, and building. New content is always being added, old content may be updated or changed.
  • This is not a 'service' based subscription service. Member's must understand that their membership accesses content on a reoccurring subscription basis, and does not entitle anyone to services beyond accessing content.
  • Admins, moderators, or members of Thermal Mermaid are not anyone's personal teacher, coach, or obligated in any way to provide services that require labor. (However, I am happy to help anyone - time permitting - within my ability - ,so feel free to reach out to me through the community, and if I can I will.)
  • Content may change at any time for any reason. Videos, recipes, and photos are often replaced and updated all the time and for any reason. Typically, this is due to expanding lessons and enriching material. Not all pages have supplemental videos, and place holders may appear for future videos, as pages are being built out.
  • The member understands that when services or features are offered for "free", this is at the pleasure and convenience of the website owner. Not all services can always be offered for "free" and anything described as "free" is not a part of your paid membership.
  • A member's access to software or features can be terminated at any time at the web site owners discretion.
  • A member may cancel at any time without reason or advance notice, with no additional membership charge or hidden fee applied. Members are responsible for their own cancellations which can be done through the dashboard of their account. (We are happy to assist with this if you reach out through customer service on the Facebook page.)
  • A member can ask for their money back for a full refund for any charges from 30 days of the last payment, upon cancellation.



We do not handle or store any of your credit card information. At no time do we access your financial information. The personal details that you provide to Thermal Mermaid are only used for the purposes intended when you signed up to be a part of this membership. We will never sell or share and of your details with a third party.