The Soap Making Companion

If you’ve spent any time exploring the Soap Maker’s Learning Library you’ve discovered the entire first section, lessons 1 through 3 are available completely for free. For those who are just beginning to learn the artisan craft of soap making at home this is everything you need to know to take you step by step from safety precautions to gathering your supplies and then through the simplest steps of both hot and cold process. Practice doesn’t stop there, you’ll continue to get dozens of recipes and tips on different color techniques that will allow you to explore your own creativity and style in the artisan part of soap making.

To make it even more convenient we have published The Soap Making Companion.  This is a complete companion guide to the first three lessons found in the Learning Library and compliments the video tutorials. Just like the lessons found in the Learning Library, The Soap Maker’s Companion can be downloaded for free from Amazon.

The Soap Making Companion

Part 1: Soaping, Set Up, and Safety - Before you begin get all the break downs and safety knowledge to bring soap making related chemicals into your kitchen by handling and storing properly. Gather all your supplies first and create an environment properly set up around you to get the best quality out of your craft.

Part 2: Cold Process Methods, Techniques, and Designs

Part 3: Hot Process Designs & Techniques


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