The Neapolitan Clay Bar

Clay bars are my all time favorite facial bars. Sometime I prefer them matched with an exfoliating salt and sometimes I love them blended with a creamy moisturizing shea butter. We had fun creating this multi colored clay bar that looks to me like Neapolitan ice cream, hence the witty name.

Because of the earth like tones we used a deep spice musk fragrance oil called Sands of Morocco. It’s light and has almost an earth tone with a pinch of both floral and clove. This fragrance has been well liked by both men and women at our market tables. It does have a bit of vanilla in the fragrance oil, so if you choose this one be sure to include your vanilla stabilizer if you want the uncolored soap batter to remain light, however if you don’t use the stabilizer the uncolored batter will turn earthy brown and this also looks just fine with the other clay tones in this bar.


Neapolitan Clay Bar


Here you can watch the making of this clay bar. It’s an easy cold process recipe that results in a smooth creamy bar. One thing to note about this recipe is that both clay bars and salt bars tend to dissolve faster than a simple plain cold process recipe. If you withhold salt and add a moisturizing butter the bar will last longer.

If you would like to watch the longer tutorial version of this video that gives step by step instructions on how to make it along with the printable recipe hop on over to the learning library . You’ll find the Neapolitan Clay bar in Lesson 2 of the soap making tutorial.


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