Soap Maker's Course & Resources


Lesson 1 : Beginner Basics

    Lesson one is for the absolute beginner. All of the first details you need are explained lesson one.  We will give you a little back ground about the process, a run down of what you need in your kitchen, utensils, and safety instructions. We will discuss how to handle lye, a caustic chemical, while making soap and for storage. You will learn the fundamentals of the saponification process.


Get This Book

The Soap Making Companion includes the 13 recipes found in lessons 1 - 3. This book is complimentary material to correspond to the video tutorials found in lessons 1 - 3. It is a full soap making course for beginners.

Lessons 4 - 10 contain 12 additional books for download filled with 100s of recipes for soap, cosmetics, and bath products.

  • The Soap Making Companion
    The Soap Making Companion

    This is a full copy of the Soap Making Companion. This book corresponds to Lessons 1 - 3 in this soap making course.