Stamping Hand Made Soap

         If you want to turn a plain bar of natural hot process soap into something a little more decorative then you could stamp them with a design while they’re just cut. In this quick tutorial you can clearly see how easy it is to emboss a glitter design into your plain soaps. Here are a few simple tips that we though of when stamping your hand made artisan soaps.

       ONE – If you are looking for a custom stamp you can find vendors over at Etsy that will take your order for just about any brand image you have. If you don’t have something specific in mind then browse your local dollar stores for the solid wooden stamps. Crafts are sometimes seasonal, so finding the right one is hit or miss.

      One thing about finding the right stamps for your soap is that you aren’t looking for the same qualities in a stamp that you would if you were scrap booking or working on a craft where you want to transfer ink. Believe it or not not all stamps are created equal, and some stamps are expensive and  elaborate with delicate designs. These aren’t necessarily the ones you want for leaving an imprint on your soaps.

     Your soaping stamps don’t necessarily need be expensive. Some of my dollar store stamps are perfect for soaps. The main qualities I look for is a sturdy wooden handle and a strong clear design. Anything larger than 2 inches is preferred to a smaller stamp, but if you come across something you like that looks smaller, you’ll just have to try it to see if it leaves the mark you want on your products.

    TWO – Using a cosmetic grade glitter or mica will make your imprint stand out a little. If you want to add the extra embellishment, make sure that you are using a product that is meant to be used for cosmetics. Do not buy your glitter for stamping at the dollar store along with your stamps. Life just isn’t that easy.

   THREE – Stamp when your soaps are fresh cut. This goes for both your hot and your cold process soaps. I tend to stamp hot process soaps more than cold process so that I don’t interfere with the bright pretty colors of the cold process designs. I usually have a 20 minute window once my soaps are cut where I’ll get the best result. Of course, this does depend on your recipe and style, but my stamps come out best when everything is nice and fresh.

Once you find the perfect design. Happy stamping

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