Complete Absorption Cocoa Lotion

Cocoa butter is going to give you a chocolate smell so you can color and fragrance accordingly so that the cocoa butter compliments the fragrance, but you can change the fragrance and leave the colorant out completely if you want a more natural product. Cocoa butter is not usually a choice oil for a light weight thin lotion because it is a hard wax and it will thicken your recipe. It is wonderful, however, for being one of those oils that absorbs well into your skin and doesn’t keep the skin oily for a long period. This recipe is made for a yummy warm water beauty routine for after the shower or just before bed.

What you will need:

  • Aloe juice
  • Coco butter
  • E-wax
  • Steric acid
  • Chocolate Cake Fragrance Oil
  • Optiphen or Germall Plus
  • Chocolate Suisse mica

This recipe will produce 5 bottles to be filled with 6 oz. Of lotion product. Because the oils expand when whipped, 6 oz. Of lotion will fill an 8 oz. Bottle. Be sure to pour these into bottles that are sold as 8 oz. Bottles, but label your product according to the true 6 oz. weight.

Instructions & Notes: Before you begin, the first step is to properly sanitize your area. Because this isn’t a soap recipe, it is important to protect all of your ingredients from exposure to bacteria before you give or sell it to another person. Wipe the table tops with a spritz of rubbing alcohol, and wash the bottles and caps in hot water and soap. Then wipe the bottles and caps down with alcohol. Make sure to wear gloves while preparing your recipe.

Melt the both the oils and waxes in the microwave and pour the oils into the melted e-wax. Combine this with the full amount of aloe juice. Blend this with a stick blender for a solid three minutes. It may look well blended in just a matter of seconds, but continue to blend so that the e-wax is completely worked into both the oil and the water so that your product wont separate once it had been poured into the bottles.

Once the lotion has cooled down, add the preservative, and the fragrance and blend this well.

Pour into five 8 oz. Bottles. The lotion itself is a bit fluffy and the weight will be about 6 oz. However, you will need to use the 8 oz. Size bottles to fit 6 oz. of product.

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