Sage and Citrus Cold Process Soap

       A popular type of cold process soap is made with the fragrances of sage and citrus. Sage has a very clean earthy smell, while the citrus has a fresh vibrant energizing smell, and they make a terrific combination when making a bath soap that is pleasing to both men and women. This recipe makes a nice hard bar good for everyday use that will both moisturize and last a long time in the shower. We have crafted this recipe to have a 5% super fat.

What you need:

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ONE - Preparing the lye water solution is the first step in creating a loaf of sage & citrus soap. If you are new to cold process soap making you may want to review our article on lye safety in soap making. (This is a caustic chemical that can cause injury if mishandled. If you have never made soap before, we recommend you do not skip this.) With your safety gear on gently pour the lye crystals into a bowl of cold distilled water. Dissolve the crystals thoroughly and allow the solution to settle. Put this in the fridge or freezer while you are preparing the rest of the recipe.

TWO - Mix the total amount of oils together and melt the coconut oil into the soft oils.  Leave the shea butter separate from the rest of the oils, but melt this as well. You can easily do this over the stove top on low heat at a temperature just warm enough to melt the hard oils, or you can put this in the microwave and give it short bursts of ten seconds. Be careful not to burn your oils or get the temperature to warm.  Set the oils aside.

THREE -  Prepare your mica colorant by measuring a teaspoon of colored powder into a cup and smooth it into a liquid with 3 tbsp. of olive oil. Prepare this for each of the two colors. Set these aside.

FOUR - When both your lye water solution and oils are at room temperature, gently pour the lye water into the oils and blend this well with your stick blender until it is completely emulsified.  Add your sage and citrus fragrance oil at this time. Separate the batter into two parts and add your colorant to each part. Blend this completely. Sprinkle dried rosemary into the ivory colored soap.

FIVE - Pour your batter into your mold in layers. For this recipe we have poured the light color first, then the green and given it a good mix before layering the green at the top once again.  Sprinkle rosemary on the top for embellishment.

SIX - Allow this 24 hours to harden before cutting. One you have cut your soap into pieces set it aside to cure for four to six weeks. 

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