Rose Garden Goat’s Milk Soap

For anyone who searches for the perfect rose fragrance in your handmade soap. I have (what I believe) is the perfect rose aroma. In fact, I have 2 suggestions for fragrance oils, and then we’ll touch base on a more natural way to get roses into your soap bars. Rose, for me, is an especially nostalgic fragrance. It seems that a few decades ago, we didn’t have the vast selection of variety in our luxury products and lavender and rose were two staples in every bath collection. Among the top fragrance designers was the famous Crabtree & Evelyn. This was especially important because my grandmother would send me drawer paper from Crabtree & Evelyn fragranced in roses so that all my clothes wold smell like flowers.  Being a child, this was the closest thing I had to perfume, and it was magical.

Now, when shopping for anything with rose fragrance i compare everything to that memory, and after experimenting with 8 different varieties and mixing a few of the essentials, I have narrowed it down to two favorites.

In this recipe we will show you our Hot Process Goat’s Milk Rose Garden Soap

How we make this soap:

Step One - Melt the Oils

Step Two - Add the Lye water solution when the temperatures are within 20 degrees from each other.

Step Three - Cook this through the 3 stages of hot process soap cooking (about 1 -2 hours)

Step Four -  Cool and add Goat's Milk & Fragrance

Step Five - Separate into 2 parts and color each part.

Step Six - Mold and Set

Step Seven - Cut & Cure


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