Rose Crystal Healing Body Butter

OK, the name of this body butter is a little ambitious. The name Rose Crystal Healing – Body Butter is in no way making a healing claim, although it will moisturize and provide an abundance of aroma therapy. This luxury butter was crafted to match its sister cold process soap. The Rose Quartz cold process soap is made with geodes, gems, and a crust of salt structured in a pink rose and citrus aroma. See the matching soap here.

If you’re new to body butters, let’s just give a brief description as to why they’re different from other moisturizer products. Body butters are almost entirely made from hard oils, and unlike your favorite lotion, there is zero water content in the product. Think of it as a very concentrated lotion. In fact, the amount of oil it takes to make 60 grams of this butter would make a full 8 oz. bottle of lotion.

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