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Full Access to lessons 1-3 are a complete beginners course on how to make home made luxury and all natural soap from home. If you always wanted to learn the craft of soap making this is everything you need.

The Kelpie Level Membership includes 20 video tutorials. A full beginner book The Soap Making Companion, that corresponds to all of the video tutorials found in Lessons 1 - 3. Free Membership to our Facebook Soap Maker's group where our community can answer your questions on beginner soap making techniques. A free soap maker's Oil & Lye Calculator so you can learn how to formulate your own recipes.

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  • Mermaid Membership Includes Lessons 1-10 & The Recipe DIrectory
  • Full Beginners Guide to Soap Making
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  • Lesson 1 : Safety, Scienc, & Basics
  • Lesson 2 : Complete Cold Process
  • Lesosn 2: Printable Materials
  • Lesson 2: 10 Tutorials & Step by Step Recipes
  • Lesson 3: Complete Hot Process
  • Lesson 3: 3 Printable Recipes & Instructions
  • Lesson 3: 3 Beginner Tutorials in HP Soap Making
  • Lesson 4: Synthetic & Natural Dyes & Colors
  • Lesson 5: Fragrance Oils & Essential Oils
  • Lesson 6: More Advanced Styles & Designs with 10 More Lessons
  • Lesson 7: Advanced Techniques with more additives
  • Lesson 8: Packaging & Storing
  • Lesson 8 : 200 Printable Label Templates for Your Soap Designs
  • Lesson 9: Where to sell your product
  • Lesson 9: Discover Online Platforms and How to Sell Your Items
  • Lesson 9: 50 State Market Directory for Fairs, Farmers Markets, and Vendors Platforms
  • Lesson 10: Business Resources You Need to Grow
  • Lesson 10: 12 Downloadable PDF E-book with over 300 recipes.

Want To Know More?

How do I learn the craft of soap making? In lesson one we assume that you have never before seen a bar of soap made from scratch. We will cover everything you need to know before you even start. This includes knowing what you need and the safety precautions involving the one strong chemical in soap making, lye! Yes, we do cover first aid and safety prevention. This lesson will help you gain confidence in handling caustic soda, explain  a little chemistry, and give a first basic recipe. If you know nothing about this craft, this is a good place to start. If this is just too basic for you, good news! we have 10 more lessons to go!

Lesson 2 contains 10 video tutorials. This is an extremely robust lesson packed full of information on the cold process technique. We cover some of the basic terminology that you will need to know in your soap making journey along with 9 recipes that will demonstrate different design techniques that include layers, swirls, and pouring the soap in different ways. The result is 10 different bars of soap in tutorials that have them ordered from simplest to more advanced.  Lesson 2 is all about controling trace ( texture) of your soap to learn how to make great designs.

Lesson 3 covers everything you need to know about the hot process method of soap making. Hot process is just a tad more complicated than what you learn in lesson 2. Here, you will learn to slow cook the soap recipe and recognize all the stages as your soap goes through the entire gel process in the cooker. With these 3 recipes you will create a completely different style of soap that looks organic and natural. Slow cooked soap can be used immediately and you don't have to wait as long to use your finished project.

Lesson 4 is where the Kelpie membership ends and the Mermaid membership begins. In this lesson we'll start into the intermediate content and break down all the types of colorants and dyes you can use for your soap and cosmetics crafts. Did you know that different cosmetic dyes will all act differently depending on weather they are mica, pigments, oxides, dyes, and lakes? Never fear! We'll break these down so you know what you want to use for your project while you're crafting your designs.

Are you ready to bring your soap craft to an online market?  Try your hand a Opening a Thermal Mermaid Shopping Cart. This is FREE with your membership. Our shopping carts aren't the same as your typical 3rd party selling platforms. As long as you are a member there are no sellers fees and no listing fees. You do have to learn how to run a website, but hey! That what all the tutorials are for!

The Recipe Directory is the 2nd half of this monster library! Once you have learned all the material and printed all the resources you will have 100s of hours of additional material as you browse The Collection of all Our Recipes documented in pictures, videos, and (yes) more printable instructions! The recipe directory is separated into sections including: bath bombs, and personal care items, CBD products, Clay Spa Bars, Goat's Milk Bars, Cold process soap, Herbal Recipes, Hot Process Soap, Lotions & Butters, Melt & Pour, Natural Repellents, Salt Spa Bars.  The directory is a stand alone collection.

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