Raspberry Lemonade

This is a summertime favorite. The blend of ripe raspberries, lemon, and sweet vanilla brings that cool summer evening feeling for me. Raspberry Lemonade is one of those wide eye morning fragrances that smell between sugary candy and fresh laundry. Both smells remind me of being outside in the sun kissed grass during the warm weather. Enjoy! This recipe makes 3 lbs., about 10 – 12 bars in a bread mold

  • Cocoa Butter 2.4 oz.

  • Shea Butter 2.4 oz.

  • Palm Oil 16.8 oz.

  • Coconut Oil 9.6 oz.

  • Grape Seed Oil 9.6 oz.

  • Rice Bran Oil 4.8 oz.

  • Castor Oil 2.4 oz.

  • Water 18.24 oz.

  • Lye 6.62 oz.

  • 1.5 oz. raspberry lemonade fragrance oil

  • Lavender mica

To make this soap, simply follow my basic cold process soap making instructions. When you get the soft pudding trace, stir in the fragrance oil, then pour half of the soap smoothly into your soap molds. Next, mix your lavender mica into the remaining soap and mix well with your stick blender until color desired is achieved and pigment is thoroughly blended. Then pour the remaining soap evenly into your molds on top of the uncolored soap you poured previously. Cover and insulate your soaps for twenty-four hours, then unmold and cut into bars, and set aside to cure.

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