Peach & Jasmine Bath Cookies

    If you love bath bombs but also like to have your pretty bath treats displayed on your shelves or counters before its time to use them , then you might want to make something that looks pretty and a little bit different from a basic bath bomb. The recipe for cookies is a little bit different than a traditional bath bomb, but not too different and with an extra step you can turn them into pretty flower cookies. This recipe will make about 25 bath cookies. Run each cookie under running water at bath time for a smooth silky bath with a beautiful aroma.

The directions for this is easy. If you are already familiar with making the basic bath bombs then you will know how this recipe works and how to get it to the sandy consistency you need. Follow the directions just as you would if you were making the basic bath bomb.

ONE -  In a small glass or plastic beaker, measure 1 oz. of fragrance and set aside. Measure the baking soda, citric acid and clay and place into a glass mixing bowl. Mix these powders until they are completely combined. Use a wire whisk, fork, or a sifter to break up any clumps so the mixture will be as smooth as possible.

TWO - Add 1/4 teaspoon of Peach mica and mix well. Add the fragrance to the dry mix. Using a plastic dropper, add fragrance oil by drizzling into different areas of the mixture. Do not pour all of fragrance into one location in the bowl. Using a whisk or fork, mix well by breaking up lumps of fragrance oil.

THREE - Once mixture is free of clumps, begin to spray with witch hazel.  Using gloved hands, toss the mixture while it is being sprayed. Once mixture is just moist enough to stay together when pressed, it is ready to be molded.

Note: This step is easy to check by taking a tablespoon of the mixture and squeezing it in the hand. If it falls apart, then you need to continue to spray and mix. Make sure you are wearing gloves for this part of the recipe.

FOUR - In a round or flower shaped silicon mold pack the bath bomb as tightly as possible. It should take about 2 tbsp. of the recipe to make the cookie. Place each one on a cookie sheet or flat surface. In the center of each cookie push a dent for a thumb print. Allow these to sit in an undisturbed place so that can dry. (6-12 hours) .

FIVE - Once these have dried we are ready to decorate them. Melt the cocoa butter and separate it into two parts. Color one part white and one part light blue. With a pipette fill the center of each cookie with white cocoa butter, and drizzle the blue color across the the rest of the cookie for decoration. Dash each cookie with a touch of pearl glitter before the melted cocoa butter dries.


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