Oatmeal & Aloe Lotion

Creating lotions to match the fragrance of your favorite hand made soap is a great way to create a care package of complimentary skin products that your customers and gift receivers will adore. Both colloidal oatmeal and aloe have soothing anti-inflammatory properties. This is a nice light weight recipe that doesn’t leave a greasy film behind. This makes it good as a light to medium weight summer time lotion.

You can find the complete recipe along with ALL of our lotion recipes here

     Note: This product contains a preservative. This is a safe preservative commonly used in hand made products, but it is a chemical nonetheless. If you choose not to put a preservative in your product you may risk the the introduction of bacteria and mold in your product because this product contains water, and bacteria and mold love to grow in water. If you are making this product for yourself and you don’t want to use a preservative, treat it as if it were a perishable food item. Keep it in the refrigerator, and throw it out in the same time frame you would expect your food to spoil (about 1 – 2 weeks). I would not recommend making a lotion to sell to the public with out a preservative. It’s important to remember that some people don’t have as strong of an immune system as others, and what healthy people consider to be reasonably safe might not be the same for some one with diabetes or some one on chemo. Do not sell any product that contains water in it’s ingredients without a preservative.


ONE: In one bowl add your water, E-Wax, and Steric Acid. Put this on low heat on your stove until the waxes are melted into the water. You want just enough heat to melt the wax into the water. This must be done completely to keep the entire batch of lotion from separating.

TWO: Carve the center white meat from the inside of a fat aloe plant. (These are not your small house plants, but large 1 – 2 foot stalks that you find at the grocery store.) Blend it down into a soft paste and press the liquid from the meat. Alternatively, you can put the stalk in a juicer and get the juice directly from the plant.

THREE: Add the aloe butter, Grape Seed Oil, and Babassu Oil and mix until soft. Put the entire mixture into your stand blender and turn it on low until the mixture starts to thicken. This may take several minutes.

FOUR: Add the Cyclomethicone, fragrance and Vitamin E. Blend again until thickness returns. After several minutes add your Optiphen Plus and Oatmeal Powder. Blend for another minute.

This recipe may take a while to thicken. Transfer it into piping bags. Don’t over fill the bags, but roll the ends together and close the bags tightly. To help this thicken set the bags in the refrigerator over night. In the morning, clip the ends and push the lotion into your chosen bottles.

Make sure to sterilize your bottles and caps with a spritz of rubbing alcohol before filling.

Note: We have chosen Love Spell fragrance oil for  this recipe. If you’re not familiar with this fragrance name it is the dupe of the Victoria Secret’s  Love Spell and is heavy in floral tones. If you prefer another fragrance you can substitute one that suits you.

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