Natural Ingredient Favorite Pick: Vitamin E Oil

Vitamin E is like liquid gold in some bath and body making recipes. If you are a loyal Vitamin E shopper then you know it usually comes in a small bottle, is a rather thick viscous gold liquid, and sticky when applied topically. It’s also pretty expensive compared to other soap making oils, but the good news is a very little bit goes a long way.



You'll find that Vitamin E is a pretty valuable ingredient in your products because it is desirable  among customers. Vitamin E oil is great for use in salves, lip balms, lotion, winter balms and luxury soap. Most all skin types love the rich nutrients that vitamin E provides and its ability to protect the skin from free radicals. Of course, vitamin E is also found in food and considered a valuable consumable nutrient that can be found almonds, oils, and tomatoes.

Although it is not a preservative it can extend the shelf life on some products and help prevent your perishable ingredients and products from rancidity. This is can be helpful when using natural ingredients with a shorter shelf life, or when making soap with a high superfat percentage. These products are more likely to develop dreaded orange spots, also known to soapers as: DOS. Adding even a small amount of vitamin E oil to the recipe helps prevent rancidity due to time exposure, making DOS less likely.


Don't forget, as we stated before, vitamin E is not a preservative and will not protect your product from bacteria growth and mold.
Vitamin E oil helps prevent oil rancidity, which can contribute to discoloration and spotting as your products begin to fade.
Vitamin E oil is a fabulous addition to leave on products. In the Nourishing Nail Oil and Rosemary Lavender Cuticle Salve tutorials, vitamin E oil helps condition and moisturize dry hands and nails. In the Healing Under Eye Serum, vitamin E Oil is used to add anti-oxidant power to the delicate under eye area.



Vitamin E oil is commonly used on scar and other skin interuptions. Because of this, vitamin E oil works magically in hand held solid lotion bars and winter balms. The Soothing Lavender Breast Balm uses vitamin E Oil to help soothe irritated skin, while the Peppermint Essential Oil Balm gives a tingly penetrating feeling to the skin and the Vitamin E feels like its able to absorb into the deeper levels.  Vitamin E oil would make a great addition to so many recipes.


Lips need extra TLC as well, and vitamin E oil is a great way to give them additional moisture. Because of its thick texture, using vitamin E oil in lip products also give lip products a luxurious feel. If your lips are dry, the addition of vitamin E removes dry skin making lip balm absorb better.


Can you tell us the ways you add Vitamin E Oils into your products? 

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