Lavender & Mint Soap Cupcakes

              Summer time is market time here in Connecticut, and the single most popular item that draws customers to the table are the colorful cupcakes and cake slices. There are endless ways to whip together cupcakes and make them look beautiful, but if you are new to soaping you’ll have to play with a few recipes before you get the hang of one that will pipe at the right consistency and still give you time to work with the soap.

We have a few recommendation for making the Lavender Mint Cupcakes. This cupcake has a white base and a white frosted top with lilac and blue little flowers dotted into a bunch and a garden green accent. We have to use oils that won’t work against the white, so no dark green oils, but they can’t be too light because because we want that frosted top to harden.

To make these cupcakes you will need the following:

If you would like the full recipe for this project, please join us in the Learning Library of Thermal Mermaid Soap Recipes.


ONE - Mix the lye solution. Gently pour the lye crystals into the cold distilled water, and set this aside to cool.


TWO - While the lye water is cooling mix the powdered colorant to get it ready to be added to the soap in a liquid form. Mix the titanium dioxide with water. Blend until all the granules are dissolved and smooth.

Then do the same with the mica. Here we will color blue, purple, and green. Our flowers are blue and lilac, and our little vines are leafy green.

THREE - When the lye and oils are withing 20 degrees from each other carefully combine them together. This recipe works best when the oil and lye are at room temperature.

       Mix this well until it is emulsified. Add the titanium dioxide and turn your soap batter white. This is also when you will add your fragrance oil. NOTE: One of the reasons I love this recipe is because it gives me the perfect frosting consistency when I want to start piping, but it doesn't thicken too quickly so I have time to work with it and mix the colors. If you choose a different fragrance oil from the Lavender Mint, it may (or may not) affect how fast your recipe will thicken.

FOUR - Separate three parts of batter and add your three colors. Mix these until they are smooth. This is just for a colorful decoration, so you only need a little bit of soap with color.

FIVE - Pour your cupcake bottoms. Each bottom will be about two ounces of soap.

SIX - You will need to bring your soap batter to a thick trace to begin piping the frosting. This recipe works beautifully for frosting, but you may need to mix this with your stick blender for about five minutes until little soft peaks form. A large star tip works best for fluffy frosting.

Once you have completed the frosting tops, change the tip to a small writing tip and add your little flower bunches. You can use the same tip for little green vines, or change the tip to a leaf tip and give your little flower bunches leaves.

Don't forget to add a dash of glitter to your final projest.




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