Another easy recipe with a popular bath smell is the lavender and lemon verbena. If we haven’t mentioned, lavender fragrances are the first to sell out at market tables, so variations of lavender are very popular.

  • Water 16 oz.

  • Lye 8.95 oz.

  • Lard 60 oz.

  • Coconut 6 oz.

  • Fragrance Lavender and Lemon Verbena 2.5 oz.

  • Light Blue Mica

  • Lavender Buds

  • Finely Ground Lemon Rhine

Prepare this soap in the standard cold process way. This recipe will yield 6 pounds of soap. That is 2/3 soap molds, so expect about 30 bars of soap from this recipe. Of course, cut the recipe in half if you don’t want so many bars. After your batter is mixed give it a light blue color with your mica. About 2 grams (or a quarter of a tea spoon) should do, but this will depend on the shade of your blue and the shade you want to create in your soap. Remember, some blues are morphing colors so the hue may change as the bars cure. Sprinkle about a table spoon of lavender buds into the batter. Few is fine. The lavender buds give your soap a natural touch, but they do turn from purple to earthy brown during curing so too many may ruin the look. Sprinkle some of your lemon rind for a look that will create a fibrous texture.

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