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Weather you want a part time hobby that supports itself, or you want to nurture and grow a business of your very own, you can start artisan soap making right at your kitchen table.  Checkout what we have in all 10 Lessons.

Lesson #1 : Beginner Lessons

Learning the skill of soap crafting and the process of saponification is easy once you cover the basics of safety and storing. Sit back and learn everything you need to know before you make your first bar of soap.

  • Learn Everything You Need to Gather Before You Start
  • How to Store Your Ingredients and Lye Safety
  • How to Mix and Handle Lye Properly
  • Saponification & How to Calculate your Lye Amounts by Hand
  • Make Your First Simple Soap

Lesson #3 : Hot Process Soap Making

Cooking your soap batch will produce a completely different bar with different textures and colors. Learn how to make a batch of soap in your crock pot or double boiler, learn which additives and herbs work in this method.

  • The Difference Between Cooking and Not Cooking Your Soap
  • Completely different design techniques
  • Additives and Colorants for Hot Process Soap
  • Recipe : The Best Selling Product on Our Shelves

Lesson #5 :  Fragrance & Oils

The fragrances and essential oils are aromas that will bring your customers back over and over again. Learn how to combine essential oils, or find your perfect combination of fragrance oils, and how to blend them into your perfect recipe.

  • Essential Oils & Natural Additives
  • Fragrance Oils & Best Selling Aromas
  • How to Perfectly Blend into Each Recipe

Lesson #7 :  Advanced Recipes

Advanced recipes will become your beloved brands for your specialty product line. As you grow, you will begin to have preferences for your own specialty recipes.

  • 10 More Additives and How to Add Them To Your Recipes
  • Adding More Exotic Ingredients & Yummy Food
  • Popular Novelty Recipes like Hemp and Pumpkin Latte
  • More Complex Unique Designs

Lesson #9 : Places to Sell

You have so many ways to sell your new product line. Depending on your personality you may enjoy working from home and selling online, or you might prefer going out into the world and selling at a weekend market. Learn how to get your craft to your customer.

  • How To Make Sure Your Permits & Business is Filed
  • How To Sell Online and Create Perfect Photographs
  • How to Join Outdoor Markets, or Kiosks
  • Exclusive 50 State (USA) Market Directory

Lesson #2 :  Cold Process Soap Making

Cold Process, or CP, Soap is where you can make beautifully bright colorful artisan soaps. Learn to make your bars with the cold process method with colors, additives, flower buds, swirl techniques, and how to cure this product properly.

  • Make a CP Loaf with a Simple Smooth Luxurious Recipe
  • 10 Unique Videos with Our Recipes
  • 6 Different Design Techniques
  • Easy Printable Recipes & Instructions for You to Keep

Lesson #4 : Colorants & Dyes

Part of creating your beautiful product will be how colorful and the pretty little additives you can include. From micas, to herbs, and glitter to flower buds, this lesson will teach you how to color your product.

  • Natural Colorants with Herbs Powdered and Ground
  • Colored Micas, Glitter, and Morphing Colorant
  • Liquid Dye
  • Titanium Dioxide
  • Flower Buds, Oats, and Seeds

Lesson #6 :  Intermediate Recipes

Now that you have your favorite recipes, perfect color choices, and fragrances you can step up your creativity and make attractive soaps that are unique to your artisan style.

Lesson #8 :  Packaging & Storing

There are just as many ways to package your products are there are to create them. Learn how to wrap, seal and package. Learn how to keep your products fresh while they wait for your customer to buy.

  • How to Print Labels and Templates for Labels
  • Heat Seal Your Soap & Packaging
  • 100 FREE Downloadable Labels Ready to Wrap Your Bars

Lesson #10 : Resources & Supplies

In this lesson you are ready to put together your entire product line. As your business grows you will continue to learn more and more, including new techniques, and places to restock your supplies.

  • 50 More Printable Unique Recipes
  • Where to Restock Your Supplies for the Best Prices
  • How To Calculate Your Prices For Business
  • 12 FREE Thermal Mermaid Books with Over 200 More Recipes (Additional $120 Value!!!)

I found this course from YouTube and started following along for fun. The next thing I knew, my kids and I were making money for Christmas and taking orders non-stop.  Great stuff for free information!

Elia Oconnor
Elia Oconnor Providence, RI

I started making soap when I was 15 years old, and have been doing it ever since. We bring our products to one of my favorite markets, and I love when girls come up and start going crazy over sugar scrubs. I love to pretend that it's a super secret recipe, but really its so easy to make."

Hannah Elizabeth
Hannah Elizabeth Norwich, CT

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