Have You Explored the Healing Power of Lake Lotion?

Named for its soft essential oils that lightly smell like the beachy banks of a summertime vacation getaway, this medium weight body cream is packed full of traditional herbs that ease muscle pain, bruising, and red swollen skin. Then to give it double the punch a generous amount of hemp derived CBD isolate powder is blended down into the infused oils to the create a skin soaking body cream that will send you into the relaxation of your sunkissed summer getaway.

Lake lotion is made with two powerful infused oils: Avocado packed with vitamin A and infused with the healing power of arnica, along with rich Sunflower Oil infused with skin soothing and irritation easing calendula. This formula applied to your skin will grab those comfort loving canabidiol receptors in your body while working its way into the skin to reduce redness, swollen, or damaged tissue. Of course you can make this at home and have an endless supply at your finger tips, or you can get it directly from one of our master artisan crafters, ThermalMermom.

This recipe includes Distilled water, Avocado Oil, Sunflower Oil, Arnica FLowers, Calendula FLowers, CBD Powder, Geranium Essential Oil, Eucalyptus Essential Oil, Orange Essential Oil, and Silky Ewax. Get ready to blend your own infused oils made from scratched chalk full of home made anti-oxidants and vitamins and blended down with light natural aomatic fragrances all incorporated in the incredible soothing power of CBD. The full recipe and step by step instructions are published now in the members directory and can be printed for you to make at home.

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