FREE Chocolate Body Butter Recipe

Because of the high request for one of the most popular body butters we have made to date, we have set the Chocolate Body Butter Recipe to FREE in the Recipe Directory of the Members Learning Library

Chocolate Coconut Body Butter

Of the dozens of lotion and butter recipes, it’s the coconut chocolate moisturizing oil combination that has been the most downloaded and printed recipe on the entire website. So, what is it that makes this recipe stand out from all the others?

Frankly, I think the exposure from the You Tube video for this product was the driving reason that this is the most popular recipe, but also that its packed full of ingredients the appease sensitive skin so it has a wide appeal for just about all skin types.

Jennifer, Owner of Thermal Mermaid

When asked if there is anything stand out or secret in the recipe, the crafter of this product didn’t hold back any secrets.

That’s the opposite of what I want to do. There are so many skin loving and vitamin packed ingredients available that you don’t get enough of in your skin products. A lot of times when you buy a commercial product that claims to contain something like argan oil or shea butter, that ends up being just 1% of a cream filled with chemicals and synthetic ingredients. We want to fill your product with ingredients you know and recognize, and have been used for thousands of years reliably and with safety.

~ Jennifer

So what is it that people claim to love if the ingredients are common?

Well, it may not be common for your entire product to be full of natural ingredients, but if you’re asking what it is that really brings a smile to peoples face with our coconut chocolate body butter recipe, I’d say that we use natural organic shea butter, which is derived from a nut tree, and the fragrance is deep and earthy. This is combined with both cocoa, and coconut fragrance. Since these are also nuts, so the blend just soaks together in a completely complimentary way. The aroma is tropical and beachy, but mature and exotic. It smells natural and alluring, and I think that’s really what the enthusiasm is over it.


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