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The facebook group is another location where soap makers can come together for community help, coffee talk, and just generally checking in with other soap makers. The group is open to everyone. You do not need to be a member in the Learning Library to join the facebook group. This is OUR community. If you ever decide to cancel your membership in the learning library, we warmly remind you that you are always welcome to remain a member of the group, because its free and you might have friends there. FREE to JOIN. No sign up required.

The Great Soap Swap

The Thermal Mermaid "Hand Made Soap and Cosmetics" Face book group hosts a quarterly soap swap that every group member is free to join. Hosted by the exquisitely loved Steven Rhodes, who posts an announcement once every three months. All you need to do is add your name to the thread when he makes his announcement, and you will be paired up with another member to swap your hand made soap. This is wonderful to make connections with other crafters and get inspirations on the items, packaging, and labels that others are making. Everyone is FREE to join the soap swap. Learn more about the Soap Swap rules and Steve and his YeYe Soap Company here.


Do you want to talk strictly sales, selling, business, and tech in your business? We have a completely different group for those of you who want to discuss topics related but not exactly on the craft making side.

Member Selling Support

You can't help noticing that Thermal Mermaid is broken into 2 parts. One part is the Crafter's Community where soap makers come to learn and grow. The other part is the Market Place where Community Members are free to upload their items onto the selling platform with no listing fees. That's right. You pay ONLY the credit card transaction fee that Paypal requires, but nothing more. This is an exclusive service to Mermaid or Siren Members in the Crafter's Community. We also keep a face book group so that those of you who use the platform can discuss business, listings, get tech support, or just get an idea on how others are promoting their sales.