Exotic Fizz Bath Bombs with Black Sea Salt

Once you get hooked on making bath bombs  and the main recipe starts to become easier and easier you will definitely want to start exploring your options for variety. Colored clays and sea salts are a terrific place to start to get that luxurious or exotic variety in your products. Black bath bombs have been a fad for quite some time now, and there’s something about colored salts that brings the charm of an exotic vacation and the thoughts of luxury pampering at a Mediterranean beach or northern hot spring.

Now this recipe doesn't completely stay in line with the basic bath bomb recipe, because once you start adding oils, colors,  and other ingredients you bombs will disintegrate in the bath water and leave behind their properties in the water, on the side of the tub, and also on your skin. This can result in a little bit of color stain or worse, a dangerous slippery surface. What this means is that you have to work with your ingredients a little bit to get them to emulsify together firmly.

Check out the making of our Thermal Mermaid Black Sea Salt Bath Bomb here. This video is edited for entertainment, but if you would like the longer tutorial with full step by step instructions pop on over to our bath and body tutorial learning library and you can watch that along with the printable recipe.

Here enters our next ingredient Polysorbate 80, a surfectant and emulsifier. This is an aid that helps blend the charcoal and water together so that it is less likely to be left behind once your skin is rinsed and the tub is drained.  Small time crafter and farmers market table owners might raise an eyebrow at any ingredients that has a name not easily recognized.Well, no worries there. Polysorbate 80 is often found in food. Yes, you can eat it, so you don’t need to worry about this ingredient, and once you start making products you’ll find polysorbate 80 something that comes in handy to get those solids and waters to hold together.  This will keep the charcoal from floating on the surface and sticking to the sides of the tub, instead it disperses more evenly into the water itself.

There isn’t any cosmetic colorant in this recipe. The color comes from charcoal mixed into two types of salt, one is a course rocky sea salt and the other is a find ground salt. Both salts have only charcoal and no mica or dye.

We find that Arabian White Musk fragrance oil has an exotic aroma that matches the look of this bomb.

What You’ll Need:
8 – 12 Molds. We love silicone molds of various sizes
2 cups Baking Soda (Sodium Bicarbonate)
1 cup Citric Acid
1 cup Black Sea Salt – Fine
2-3 oz. Black Sea Salt – Coarse
1 oz. Grapeseed Oil
0.5 oz. Arabian White Musk Fragrance Oil
0.6 oz. Polysorbate 80
Witch Hazel in a Spray Bottle


ONE: In a big bowl with high sides, pour 1 cup of citric acid on top of 2 cups of baking soda. Blend this well with your fingers breaking up all the clumps until the mixture is a fine powder. You can use a baking sifter. It’s common to keep your soap making tools separate from your baking tools, but there is nothing in this recipe that would cause for concern. You can use your freshly cleaned sifter to make the first two ingredients into a fine powder. Add the fine salt and mix together well.



TWO: In a separate bowl, mix your liquids together (not the witch hazel)


THREE: Next drizzle the oils over the fine salt mixture and mix this well between your fingers until it is completely blended.


FOUR: Now, you’ll need to tweek the consistency of the recipe. Your bombs need to be able to hold together, and they may not be able to do that quite yet. Test this by taking a handful of the salt mixture and squeeze it in your palm. If it stays tightly together like sand when you release it is ready to set into the mold. If the consistency is too dry and falls apart you need to spritz the surface with a few shots of witch hazel in a spray bottle.


FIVE: Sprinkle a small amount of the coarse black sea salt into the bottom of the Disk Mold & Packages. Then, press the bath bomb mixture into the molds. Press the mixture firmly to create a solid shape. Only fill the molds up to the bottom lip, or the lids will not fit. Witch hazel is preferred to water because it won’t activate the fizz in the citric acid and make your bombs fall flat. Keep adding witch hazel until the texture will hold together.


SIX: Sprinkle the course black salt at the bottom of the mold. Now tightly pack your molds with the mixture. Allow the bath bombs to dry for several hours or up to overnight. Gently free them from the molds. Each one is ready for hot water and relaxation!


If you want a simpler recipe to get the texture and consistency right for your climate before you start to add extra ingredients then try this bath bomb recipe. Once you get the hang of the basic recipe you’ll get a good idea of how your own ingredients will work in the fizz bomb and you’ll want to swap out the black salt for other ideas.

Don’t forget to come on over to our learning library where the videos are full tutorials and longer than the ones posted on our Thermal Mermaid youtube channel for entertainment. You can also get dozens more bath bomb recipes and full printable format. The Thermal Mermaid Learning Library is FREE to join and once you experience the information available you can get access to so much more for just 1.99 per month membership.






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