Egyptian Mist Summer Lotion

Egyptian Mist Summer Lotion

If you are looking for smooth comfortable skin care for a humid summer day, you might love watching us make our Egyptian Mist Summertime Lotion. There is nothing like pulling out a light weight lotion that absorbs quickly and easily without leaving an oily layer on your skin that also soothes and smooths as it quickly absorbs. The fragrance is a soft sultry floral, perfect for those summer days.  Watch below how easy it is to make a must have skin product at home without the need to search for expensive cosmetics.



ONE : Before measuring out any ingredients it is important to prep your utensils, bottles, & caps before use. Because this product introduces water we need to minimize the potential of bacterial growth as much as possible. Fist, make sure all of your dished and utensils are carefully washed in hot water and soap. Soak and wash the bottles in hot soap water for a few minutes. Dry and spritz the bottles with a spray of rubbing alcohol. Make sure to spritz inside the bottle and the moth of the bottle along with the caps.

TWO: Melt the wax, steric acid, and cocoa butter into the avocado oil. You can use short bursts in the microwave until everything is melted down.

THREE: Pour the melted oils into the aloe juice and blend well with a stick blender. Allow this to emulsify.

FOUR: Add the Germall Plus and the fragrance. Continue to blend with the stick blender. It typically take more blending time with lotions than when making soap. You want to make sure the wax will allow the aloe and oil to emulsify well enough so that your product won’t separate after it has been packaged. The steric acid will begin to thicken the lotion as you continue to blend. Using 1% in this recipe should not thicken it too much, but you want to make sure the lotion is still smooth enough to easily pour it into your bottles.

FIVE: Separate the lotion into two parts. Add ¼ tsp of Blue Lagoon mica into one part and blend. Immediately drop swirl the blue lotion back into the white lotion. The colors will mostly blend together, but the drop swirl will give a subtle color swirl in the bottle. Transfer the lotion into the bottles. You should get 170 grams (6 oz.) of lotion in each 8 oz. Bottle.

SIX : Add labels and wrap.

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