Customer Service


Customer Service is available for members at Thermal Mermaid. We have several ways you can contact us. Please take a moment to view the different paths to customer service so you can reach the answers that will satisfy you most quickly.

Customer Service for Members of the Crafter's Community

  1. You canĀ  submit a ticket to answer account questions.

Submit a ticket to the help desk

  • If you need to reset your password, you can find the link here:

Reset Membership Password

Messages sent are answered Monday - Friday 9 am - 5 pm. Some one will answer your message during those hours. We do not work on Saturday & Sunday. Typical response time is within 24 hours during our working business hours.

If your inquiry is about recipes, ingredients, formulas, or soap making in general please post these types of questions to the forum where lots of experienced people can share in the replies and others who may be looking for answers to your questions can also participate. The forum can be found here:


If you need help accessing your account please Direct Message the Facebook Page. This is our customer service message system.

If you are a shopper on the Thermal Mermaid market place and need assistance about an order you placed you must message your seller directly. Thermal Mermaid is not a third party in any transaction between the buyer and seller and questions must be resolved between the two parties.