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The forum and threads found at Thermal Mermaid have been specifically created to promote discussion and help trouble shoot any of the content members find within the pages at Thermal Mermaid. Although guests and free members can browse and read these pages if they are looking for supplemental discussion on the topic of soap making, posting on this message board is strictly reserved for registered members at Thermal Mermaid in the Kelpie through Siren Membership levels.

No spamming businesses or advertising is allowed on these boards. This is not a place for marketing your work, but a place to use as a resource of information, or to ask a question, or to see if someone else has already had your question answered. For light chat and fun engagement please join us over in our Facebook group where members can connect with each other socially. These threads are created because some members discuss terrific topics that will help the community and when posted to the Facebook group they are more likely to get lost over time.

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