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Sourcing Supplies for Hemp Derived CBD Isolate Powder for Lotions & Creams  

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OK, This topic has popped up over in the Facebook group, and I am going to carefully move it over here. A few weeks ago our entire group (complete with 3K members) was deleted. I have no message or explication as to why and I have sent requests to FB without reply. There is nothing to my awareness as to why this may have happened, and I have never had a complaint from a member or a warning from FB about any members behaving in any way that would draw my attention. The only thing that happened was that we had a new member who spammed the letters CBD several times over the course of 24 hours. It was unusual and she wasn't really contributing anything by doing it. I have no idea if this is why our group was deleted considering there are entire groups dedicated to consuming CBD on FB and it doesnt seem to be a problem. Other members in the group have mentioned that when referencing CBD it is necessary to say "hemp derived" or "CBD Isolate Powder". SO just to be on the safe side I will be happy to talk about CBD powder for our lotions and creams all day long, but I will post here on this thread and simply offer a link if it should be brought up over there. I hope everyone finds that convenient enough.

So for now, Alayna was just asking where to source CBD powder and ingredients for the least expensive prices. There are two answers to this. First, how much are you looking to buy? There are wholesalers like and the

As of right now you can buy larger amounts for production at a lower price. It is my understanding, and Im no insider, that both of these businesses have had obstacles that theyve had to jump through in order to sell to businesses, and they may require you to do things, like meet them in person or only pay through check and not credit card. Once you explore these requirements you may find it is easy to buy. Im sure it will get easier as time goes on as more people understand that it is perfectly legal and no one is buying or selling actual marijuana.

Now be sure that you don't over buy. You can't really stock up on this stuff and keep it on the shelf. Once it is exposed to moisture it really has to be used. Its kind of like corn meal. So, if you are a small market table or website making just 30 bottles or less, you may not need to buy bulk. If this is the case you can easily get a few grams at a time through Linda Warner at Crucible Body Care. She is an authorized retailer from CBDDistillery (so her product is top quality) and she sells at a very competitive retail price for the powder. This is not the wholesale price, but low retail prices are what you would expect if it were sold as, say or Buying from Linda makes it easy because she doesn't make you jump through hoops, and she doesnt make you buy a ton.

She does have a Thermal Mermaid Store Here   (but for those of you not familiar with the Thermal Mermaid stores, this is 100% her store and we are not supporting her to make a commission or profit. Her sales belong to her, and we support and recommend her becasue she is a trusted member of our community.) OK, so these are my thoughts on where to get CBD isolate powder. Feel free to join the discussion.

Posted : 17/10/2019 11:57 pm