Cold Coffee Soap

Being a coffee addict, this was one of the first recipes I created. Now, the reason I was so eager to try this was because I had a girlfriend who swears that coffee does something to break up cellulite underneath your skin. Of course, with my google powers, I couldn’t verify that, but this is a really great exfoliating bar.

  • Brewed Coffee 14 oz.

  • Lye 7.3 oz.

  • Coconut Oil 18.5 oz.

  • Lard 15 oz.

  • Vegetable Oil 11.5 oz.

  • Olive Oil 15 oz.

  • Castor Oil 7.3 oz.

  • Shea Butter 2.5 oz.

  • Coffee Grounds

  • Coffee Fragrance 2.5 (optional)

You will make this bar like all your other cold process batches. However, here when you mix your lye solution you will substitute water for brewed coffee. Make sure you have put your coffee in the refrigerator to cool down. Don’t brew your coffee fresh and pour your lye crystals into hot coffee. It could bubble up violently. Set your solution aside to cool and mix your oils. Once they have reached a temperature of about 120 mix the two bowls. Fold in your coffee grounds and mix again. Now pour, and set.

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