This is a beautiful spa bar made with silky coconut milk and sea salt. This is a terrific product to add to your soap line, because it’s easy to make as a hot process recipe, which means you can gift it or sell it in as little as 24 hours, but the luxurious feel of this bar will make anyone who uses it feel like it took so much work to prepare.


What you need to make this soap bar:

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ONE – First bring out the crock pot and set it to high. Add all the oils in your recipe directly into the crock pot and allow them to melt together.


TWO -  Combine equal parts cold coconut milk and cold water. Chill both liquids to almost freezing. Mix these together well and carefully pour the lye crystals. Stir until completely dissolved.  The liquids must be cold to prevent the coconut milk from burning with the chemical reason to the lye crystals. As you stir the liquid may turn a creamy yellow. If the liquids are not cold enough they will run the risk of burning. Burnt coconut milk will turn dark yellow or brown and smell scorched. Stir carefully and quickly.

THREE - Pour the lye water solution directly into the oils. Do both of these steps close together, so that the oils are not to hot at this time. They should be just warmed to have melted together, but these two step should not take more than 5 minutes, so your oils will not be too hot yet.

FOUR - Blend this with your stick blender until it has completely emulsified and moved into a light trace. Don't walk away from the crock pot until you have moved the soap batter out of the emulsified stage into a trace stage. By mixing it in well you will prevent and left over unmixed milk from burning. Cook this for aprox. 30 min.

FIVE - After 30 minutes check on your soap batter. Give it a good mix and recombine anything that may have separated and release any air pockets that have grown inside the batter. Put the cover back on the crock pot, and prepare the titanium dioxide. Pour 2 oz. of coconut milk into a small bowl and mix the titanium dioxide until it is a smooth creamy oily paint. Pour this directly into the soap batter and incorporate it completely into the batter. You soap will not look bright white in this stage, but you will notice that it lightens a little bit. Cover the soap and allow it to finish cooking.

SIX - In about another 30 minutes (Time can vary with hot process soap. Give it all the time it needs to cook if yours hasn't reached the third stage in an hour.) Remove the heat from the soap when the batter looks like Vaseline. Continue to mix and help it start to cool. You can not add the final two ingredients until the soap has sufficiently cooled.

SEVEN - When the soap has reached 160 degrees add the sea salt and mix this into the soap completely. The sea salt will begin to melt, but if you add it when the batter is beginning to cool it will quickly begin to crystallize as you are working with it. Pour any left over coconut milk into the soap.  Mix this together well.

EIGHT - Check the temperature of the soap. When it has reached 140 degrees add the coconut fragrance oil and the vanilla stabilizer. Coconut does have vanilla and it will turn your soap bars brownish over time as it cures if you do not use a vanilla stabilizer. If you do not use a vanilla stabilizer this will not affect the fragrance or the quality of your soap, only the color. The fragrance oil is added to hot process soap last to keep it from burning off. Coconut oil has a flash point of 200 degrees, so you should be safe at 140. (If you are using a different fragrance for this bar, read the bottle and check the flash point.)

NINE - Transfer this into a soap mold and allow it 24 - 48 hours to set up. Cut the pieces when it has become firm. The best part of this recipe is that you don't need to set it on the curing racks (although giving it a few days it helpful for firmness). This soap is ready to use in 24 hours.

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