One popular trend in soap making over the past few years are the most adorable fun cupcakes that you can see all over social networking websites. Cupcakes do take a little practice to get right so don’t be surprised if you have to try this once or twice before you get it perfect. With this recipe you will need: a plastic frosting bag, a frosting star tip with a large opening and a pitcher to hold open your frosting bag while you fill it, thick paper cupcake holders, along with all your other normal utensils. Set your frosting bags up in advance so that they are ready to fill as soon as your batter is mixed. Cut a small hole at the tip of your frosting bag and put the star tip at the bottom. Use the round pitcher to hold your frosting bag with the sides folded over the edges of the pitcher.

  • Water 14 oz.

  • Lye 7.3 oz.

  • Coconut Oil 18.5 oz.

  • Palm Oil 15 oz.

  • Vegetable Oil 11.5 oz.

  • Olive Oil 15 oz.

  • Castor Oil 7.3 oz.

  • Cocoa Butter 2.5 oz.

  • Chocolate Brown Mica

  • Titanium Dioxide (White Colorant)

Following the cold process procedure mix your oils in one bowl and lye in another. Give both mixtures time to cool. Mix them together, add your fragrance, and split your soap batter into two parts. Mix thoroughly, but not too much you need to have time to work with the batter so leave it at a light trace. With the first part of the batter, mix your brown chocolate mica into your bowl until you get a rich chocolate color and pour into your cupcake holders. Next, split the second bowl of batter into two parts again. Color one bowl of batter chocolate, once more, in the same shade you colored the first part of batter. In the second bowl add your titanium dioxide until your batter is white. Bring your batter to a thicker trace by mixing the batter until you can get peaks to form in the batter. Now fill your white and chocolate batter into your frosting bags. Pipe a white layer in a circle on each cupcake. Follow that with a smaller chocolate layer on the top of the white, and finish with a dollop of white frosting on the top. Let theses harden for 24 hours before you move them around.

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