Chocolate Coconut Body Butter

Hand Made Chocolate Coconut Body Butter

This body butter is a luxury product that every skin worshiper must experience. Body Butters are the royalty of lotion products. In fact, they aren’t really lotion at all, but lotion like moisturizers. Where lotions are mostly made from water and have more of a liquid texture that you can pour from a bottle, body butter is a combination of whipped oils that have zero water included in their recipe. This opens us up to so many advantages when making and storing this scrumptious product.

How is body butter used compared to lotion? Since lotion is about 80% water and 20% oil, if this whipped oil had been made into a lotion it would make a fairly large 16 oz. bottle of lotion. That's a lot of oil and it really goes a long way. Just touching the whipped frosting with the tip of your finger will give you enough moisturizer to cover your arms and hands.

Additionally, because there's no water you can package this product without a preservative and offer a beautiful luxury moisturizer that is chemical free.

What you need to make this product:

How to make Chocolate Coconut Body Butter

1. Melt the cocoa butter, and combine all the oils and butters into the shea butter. Combine these ingredients in a kitchen mixer and start by mixing very slowly until the shea butter is broken down by the other oils.

2. After 3 minutes turn the mixer from low to fast to allow air to start whipping into the creme.

3. Add on tablespoon of Arrow Root (or Corn Starch). Continue mixing for 10 minutes until the butter turns into a frosting texture.

4. Once this has reached the desired texture remove 1/2 of the product.

5. Add 1/8 tsp. of chocolate Swiss mica.

6. With a piping tip and plastic bag, scoop each color into the zip lock bag and pipe into a plastic container.

Tip: Piping whipped oils can get a bit messy. I have better luck using a smaller bag finding that its more manageable.


Before packaging make sure you wash your bottles in hot soapy water and spritz the caps down in rubbing alcohol.

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