Carrot, Goat’s Milk, Ginger, & Turmeric

You probably don’t think about soap when you hear the word carrot, but why not?Carrots are packed full of vitamin A, E, C, and D. These are antioxidants that protect you and your skin from free radicals. Not only are they terrific for a balanced diet, but also for use in cosmetics.

Ingredients: (The links below will give you resources to quick access ingredients meant for hobby soap makers. If you want to find resources for larger amounts we have a resource directory for large batch soap makers in our Learning Library)

This recipe will be made as a standard hot process bar with some adjustments to the water content and liquids to best preserve the creamy goat’s milk texture.
ONE – First, gently pour the lye crystals into the bowl of distilled water. Dissolve the crystals thoroughly and allow the solution to settle. Put this in the fridge or freezer while you are preparing the rest of the recipe.

TWO – Combine the oils in a crock pot on high heat. You can put everything directly into the crock pot. There is no need to melt your oils before blending them because we’re starting right from the beginning with heat and continuing through the whole process. Remove 3 oz. oz carrot juice from the total amount of the juice. Blend 3 large scoops of powdered goat’s milk into the 3 oz. of carrot juice until it is a smooth cream. Set this aside and pour the remaining fresh carrot juice directly into your melting oils.

THREE – When the oils and lye solution are within 20 degrees from each other pour the lye water directly into the melted oils. It is not important that either the oils or lye be chilled or at room temperature because its all being cooked together. What is important is that we get this to saponify at similar temperatures so the molecules don't shock each other and this allows them to combine easily. Allow this to simmer on high for about 30 minutes so that it goes through the first stage of hot process cooking. Break up the thick custard like top and remix any liquids that have separated.
FOUR - Return to your soap when you have reached the second stage of hot process soap making. This will look like a loose apple sauce. Mix it again, cover the top and allow it to cook for another 30 minutes.

FIVE -  When the batter has cooked until it has a glassy translucent sheen on the top you can turn the heat off and give it a thorough mix. Allow this to cool while periodically watching that it is not beginning to get to hard in the crock pot as it cools.

SIX - When the temperature reaches around 140 degrees (or below the flash point if you choose a different fragrance oil) add the fragrance oil and the creamy carrot juice milk mixture. Add the turmeric powder, ginger powder, pureed carrots,and fragrance oil to the goat's milk cream. Mix this well with your soap. Your soap should have a nice orange color due to the turmeric. It will look like a natural orange. If you want more color definition then you can add orange mica at this stage until you get the shade you want. (We are not adding orange mice in the demonstration.) Mix this until it is completely incorporated and transfer the batter into your soap mold. Allow this 24 hours to harden and cut when it has fully set up. This soap is ready to use as soon as you unmold it.


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