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What is an Oil & Lye Calculator for Soap Making?

When you make your own soap from scratch you need to know the precise amount of lye to add into your recipe to turn the oils into soap. This isn't a fixed number. The amount of lye changes depending on the type of oils you use and the size of your recipe. You can do a little bit of match with a pencil on paper to sort this out OR you can use the one step oil & Lye calculator to do this all for you. Click here to use the oil & lye soap maker's recipe calculator.


What does an Essential Oil Calculator Do?

Essential oils are used for fragrance, aroma therapy, and even have their own perceived health benefits. There's a lot to know when it comes to essential oils, especially on safety. When making your own unique blend of essential oils, you will need to know the maximum safe usage rate you can combine to add to your recipe. This calculator will combine your blend and compare it to the safe usage rate so you can make your own adjustments to make sure you are using essential oils safely. Click here to use the essential oil Calculator.

What is a batch record?

If you are phasing your soap making from a hobby into a small business you will begin to learn about batch records. This is record keeping at its best practice. Your batch records will be kept in case you even need to go back and trace your recipes. You can do this by hand, or you can use our instant calculator to write up the information in your recipes and print your batch record instantly.

How do I use the label creator below?

The label creator will allow you to select the size label you want, choose a design, add your own images or logo, product information, and print a high resolution professional print quality label right from your computer. You must be a member of the crafter's community at the Mermaid or Siren levels and access the label creator from the "tools" page of your member dashboard.

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