Avocado & Coconut Milk Cold Process Soap

This is not only a moisturizing bar, but the floating oils are packed with the fatty oils of vitamin A and E. This recipe is a skin loving soap especially for those who need a little extra care. This bar is a beautiful avocado and coconut milk with a fresh fragrance of coconut. This bar has a high top decoration piped on top so we will increase the recipe to 3.5 lbs. to give plenty of extra soap for embellishment.



What you will need to make this soap:

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ONE – Combine the oils in a large bowl and mix well. Melt hard oils in the microwave on short bursts until they become liquid and blend with the other liquid oils. Be careful not to over heat the oil, just give it enough heat to melt. Set this aside until the other ingredients are prepared.

5 Oil Combination

TWO - Next prepare 1/2 an avocado. Put a fresh avocado in the blender and puree it until it is the consistency of baby food. If your blender doesn't get the meat into a fine pulp then remove the blended avocado and pulverize it by hand. Set this aside.

THREE - Prepare the powdered cosmetic grade light green mica by adding 1 tsp. to three ounces of oil. Blend this until it is a smooth liquid.

FOUR - Make the lye water solution. Carefully pour the lye crystals into the cold distilled water. The lye will be dissolved into less water than a normal recipe because the water has been reduced to compensate for the coconut milk. Once the lye has been completely dissolved set this aside to cool. Give it the time it needs to cool.

FIVE - When the lye has reached room temperature (or colder from the refrigerator) gently add the lye to the oils. Blend this until it is completely emulsified. Once the sheen has disappeared from the surface of the batter the combination will be emulsified, then slowly add the coconut milk. Add the coconut fragrance oil, and the vanilla stabilizer. Coconut fragrance oil contains a small percent of vanilla and will tinge brown over time. This does not affect the quality of the soap and if you like the color of a natural faded color then you can leave the vanilla stabilizer out. Blend this well together.

SIX - Separate 1/4 of the batter into a small bowl and set it aside. In the large bowl add the avocado and green mica. Blend and completely make sure the avocado is thoroughly incorporated. Pour about 1/2 of the green soap batter into the mold.

SEVEN - Prepare two piping bags with star tips at the end and fill each bag with about 1/2 cup  of green batter and 1/2 cup with yellow batter. Set this aside to stiffen to frosting consistency.

EIGHT - Add the yellow batter from the small bowl directly into the bowl of green batter. Mix this enough to give it an 'in-the-bowl' swirl, and pour onto the top half of the loaf.

NINE - Finish the loaf with a frosted top. Alternate colors while piping the yellow and green star tips for extra embellishment. Add glitter on top if desired.



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