Avocado and Coconut Milk Soap

Why is avocado so famous in beauty products? It’s the vitamin E, baby! Avocado is rich in vitamin E, that amazing ingredient we drizzle into our home made soap like liquid gold. Avocado is packed full of vitamin E, rich fats, and anti-oxidants. I like to refer to this soap as one of our spa soaps. Most of my spa soaps include salt and clay because they tighten my skin and I am one of those types who don’t need the extra moisturizer, but if I’m having one of those day when I want a rich fatty soap that isn’t too creamy

Here is the run down on how to make this soap. Click here for the full recipe.

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           This recipe is a cold process soap method. If you’ve never made soap before this is and easy recipe and perfect for beginners, but before you start make sure you’re familiar with the safety procedures in working with lye. If you want a basic beginning tutorial then start here. If you’re familiar with these steps making this recipe is as easy as pie.


ONE – First separate any fat from the coconut milk, set the fat aside. We will definitely use this. In a bowl combine water and coconut milk until the total amount is 18.24 oz. Set this in the freezer to chill. Keep an eye on it so that it doesn’t freeze. We want this to be a cold slushy consistency.

TWO – While this is chilling, carve the meat from an avocado and place it into your blender on puree until it becomes a soft paste.

THREE – Mix your oils in a large bowl.

FOUR – Blend your mica powders and titanium dioxide in 3 tbsp. of oil until they are smooth liquids.

FIVE – Add the avocado puree and the coconut fat to the oils and blend this together with a stick blender.

SIX – Slowly pour the chilled lye water into the oils. Blend this completely with the stick blender. Add your fragrance oil.

SEVEN – Separate this into two parts and color each part, one white and one green. Now pour the green back into the white batter and give it a swirl. Pour the entire mixture into your 3 lb. soap mold and set this aside for 24 hours.

EIGHT – Unmold the loaf and it is ready to cut into 11 pieces. This soap will be ready to use in 4 – 6 weeks.

90 Home Made Soap Making Recipes

This recipe was originally published in 90 Home Made Soap Making Recipes written by Jennifer and Hannah Tynan. This book can be found on Amazon along with dozens of other hand made artisan soap, bath & body, and natural remedy recipes.


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