Amish Baby Bottom Soap

This is a mild vegetable based soap that you can use on a baby’s bottom. Here we learn a little trick, when using lemon juice during the mixing process you contrast it with the active lye and bring the PH down before the bars begin to cure. This makes the soap milder all the more quickly. This recipe yields 24 bars, so if you don’t want that many cut your ingredients in half.

  • Water 3 cups

  • Lye 17 oz.

  • Coconut Oil 32 oz.

  • Crisco (Shortening) 32 oz.

  • Canola Oil 32 oz.

  • Lemon Juice 16 oz.

  • Powdered Goat Milk 2 oz.

  • Steric Acid 2 oz.

  • Tea Tree Oil 2 oz.

  • Vitamin E 2 oz.

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