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The Soap Making Companion

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The Soap Making Companion was written to be a readable guide to go along with lessons 1-3 in my video tutorial course.
I always intended these videos to be free for anyone who wanted to learn how to make soap. Unfortunately, when I had a "Free Members" section on my website it got bombed with fake accounts trying to spam, so I had to close it. I have, however, made a page where people can still sign up for free but I don't post it anywhere on the internet. The link to access the FREE Membership is included in your email. Doing it this way will hopefully keep the spam bots away. I hope you sign up. You will discover that all the the recipes in this book have a corresponding video tutorial if you want to watch each project being made. You can find these recipes in Lessons 2 and 3 of the Thermal Mermaid Soap Maker's Course and Resources. Go check your email. I'll see you inside.


  • The Soap Making Companion
    The Soap Making Companion

    This E-book has video tutorials to correspond with each written recipe inside the membership section. Sign up for FREE to watch the videos. Your Invitation password* has been emailed to you.

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