For those who have newly discovered soap making the first thing one does is binge watch all the fantastic designs that brilliant people across the internet have crafted. Its easy to get lost in one video after another watching so many different methods and styles of soap making that areContinue Reading

The Oil & Lye Soap Calculator is a great starting place for those who want to craft their own hard bar soap or liquid soap recipes. There is a ton of information provided on the recipe result page that is provided once the recipe is built and calculated. It does help to be knowledgeable on the basics of soap making, but over all it is made for all levels including the absolute beginner.Continue Reading

Welcome to our collection of FREE Soap & Bath Cosmetic Recipes. These recipes are a sample of the recipes found in the Thermal Mermaid Soap Maker’s Course and Recipe Directory. The entire collection can be accessed by membership only and is located at The samples range from beginner toContinue Reading

Whether you are a beginner or experienced lotion crafter the lotion calculator from Thermal Mermaid is a heavy tool in formulating a fantastic base recipe for several different types of products. From hard moisturizers to light weight lotions the calculator   doesn’t just give you a  formula, but it guides youContinue Reading

From hobby to business  Soap making can be an addictive hobby, but when one has been doing it for a while turning this hobby into a business seems a natural progression.  There are a couple of obvious things that happen when a soaping hobby emerges. First, just one batch ofContinue Reading