About Us

Thermal Mermaid is a family friendly artisan soap & cosmetic  online hub that brings together a community of soap crafters to share ideas, concepts, and curiosities. It’s goal is to be a bursting information portal from those who have an interest in traditional soap craft to those who are seeking out hand made artisans with an appreciation for luxury bath goods.

Here, we invite everyone with a spark of curiosity to explore our hundreds or hours of videos, tutorials, books, custom recipe calculators, recipes, and goods, along with forums, groups, and a full interactive Soap & Cosmetic course located in our Crafter’s Community.

Thermal Mermaid was started in 2007 in a sleepy New England town in Connecticut by Jennifer Tynan and her daughter Hannah.  It began as an autumn soap making hobby for a small farmer’s market. Jennifer began to gather and collect her old traditional recipes and  pass them along to Sunday market friends by cobbling them together on a website to be easily shared. A decade later, the information continues to grow.  Her mother, Sherry joins from Alabama as an active contributor in the Thermal Mermaid Soap Making & Bath Cosmetics Facebook Group

Jennifer, now a grandmother of four, publishes soap craft books, calculators and tools for soap crafters, and hosts the Thermal Mermaid Soap & Cosmetic Course, a fully interactive soap and lotion makers course for artisans of all levels. Hannah continues to help while she stays busy with her two children.