Coconut Tea - Lightweight Lotion

Coconut tea light weight lotion.

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  • Coconut Tea Lotion

    Coconut Tea Lightweight Lotion Substituting coconut milk and steeping it in green tea is an amazin

Coconut Tea Lightweight Lotion

Substituting coconut milk and steeping it in green tea is an amazing substitute for plain water in your cooling lotion. Coconut milk is already saturated in luxurious fats and oils and is known for moisturizing. It has a cool soothing quality and by combining this with green tea it will only magnify the skin soothing quality.

What you will need:

  • 24 ounces of coconut milk
  • 1 cup of loose green tea (or 6 tea pads)
  • 6 oz. of grape seed Oil
  • 7 oz. of avocado Oil
  • 1 oz. of E-wax
  • .6 oz. of steric acid
  • .5 oz. of Germall Plus
  • .5 oz. Coconut Fragrance oil

This recipe will produce 8 bottles to be filled with 6 oz. Of lotion product. Because the oils expand when whipped, 6 oz. Of lotion will fill an 8 oz. Bottle. Be sure to pour these into bottles that are sold as 8 oz. Bottles, but label your product according to the true 6 oz. weight.

Instructions & Notes: Before you begin, the first step is to properly sanitize your area. Because this isn't a soap recipe, it is important to protect all of your ingredients from exposure to bacteria before you give or sell it to another person. Wipe the table tops with a spritz of rubbing alcohol, and wash the bottles and caps in hot water and soap. Then wipe the bottles and caps down with alcohol. Make sure to wear gloves while preparing your recipe.

  1. First, bring the coconut milk to a light simmer. Keep it lightly warm for a few minutes. Put the dried flowers into the water and make a proper tea with the herbs. With this recipe, you will pour the water and flower petals into a clean glass mason jar and put the water in the fridge. Allow this to sit overnight. Get this water nice and potent.

  2. Melt the both the oils and waxes in the microwave and pour the oils into the melted e-wax.

  3. Pour the oils into the water and blend this with a stick blender for a solid three minutes. It may look well blended in just a matter of seconds, but continue to blend so that the e-wax is completely worked into both the oil and the water so that your product wont separate once it had been poured into the bottles.

  4. Once the lotion has cooled down, add the preservative and the fragrance and blend this well.

  5. Pour into four 8 oz. Bottles. The lotion itself is a bit fluffy and the weight will be about 6 oz. However, you will need to use the 8 oz. Size bottles to fit 6 oz. of product.

Note on fragrance: There are dozens of coconut fragrance oils. Check to see if yours has a vanilla content, and add a vanilla stabilizer for lotion if you discover vanilla in your recipe. Just like in soap, your product will shift to brown over time if you do not use a stabilizer, but this does not affect the quality of your product. Vanilla stabilizer will not prevent other additives like green tea from changing the color of your lotion.