Coconut & Lime Soap

Here's an easy recipe when you want to impress your friends with a touch of decoration. This Lemon, Lime, Coconut bar is made with rich creamy coconut milk and topped of with a bit of dried fruit zest and coconut hair for an exfoliating texture

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Lemon & Lime, Coconut Milk Soap

This recipe will make 3 lbs. of soap about 12 bars cut evenly into 4 oz. This is a terrific recipe for easy to acquire oils readily available at your grocer. Vegetable oil will suffice for the corn oil, however try not to select soybean oil. (It is so light that the soap will not harden properly in this recipe,. It is better to select corn oil or sunflower oil.)

  • 19.6 oz. coconut oil

  • 124 oz. olive oil

  • 14.4 oz. corn oil

  • 16.24 oz. coconut milk

  • 6.63 oz. Lye

  • 2 oz. coconut fragrance oil

  • Dried lemon and lime zest for exfoliate

  • A small amount of coconut hair for decoration

Start this recipe with the basic cold process method that you have already learned. Melt and combine the oils. Empty the coconut milk into a bowl and place it into the freezer until you can make a crystal slush from the product.

When adding any milk product weather goat milk or coconut milk you want to prevent it from burning or being eaten up in the activated lye. For this reason, we want to keep the overall temperature down in the lye solution so first freeze your milk. When you are ready to use it get it into a slushy consistency.

If you don't do this the coconut milk can curdle and burn like goat’s milk. Add the milk and lye slowly to keep the reaction to a minimum. Then, mix the rest of your recipe according to the cold process method. Try to keep your temperatures as low as possible during the first stages of this process.

When your batter is finished and just before you are ready to pour into the mold. Add your fragrance, sprinkle some zest for a bit of texture. Add the zest and coconut hair to the top of the soap. You can place the hair in the mixture if you don't mind the possibility of drag marks when you cut the bars. Place your decoration on the top of the loaf. Mix and set for 24 hours before cutting.