Castile Soap Quick and Easy

Castille, known as a traditional product from Castille, Sapin, is made with 100% olive oil. This produces a gentle product that takes quite a bit longer to cure than your standard bar.

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Quick and Easy Castille Soap

This is the easiest of all cold process recipes in this book. Although we love the complicated artistic recipes, it would be a loss not to add the simple Castille recipe. Mild and soft. This is a favorite of mothers of new babies and children. Olive oil soaps take the longest to cure, but they produce the mildest soaps and are wonderful for sensitive skin. This recipe will yield 2 lbs. Of soap, about 7 pieces at 4.5 oz.

  • 32 oz. Pure Olive Oil

  • 4.12 oz. Lye (Sodium Hydroxide)

  • 12.16 oz. distilled water

  • 1 oz. of your favorite fragrance or essential oil

  • Silicone Soap (Bread) Mold

Create this recipe with the standard cold process method. Very famous as a traditional creation in Castille, Spain, this recipe produces a soap with well known characteristics. First, the final result is a very gentle product. Castille soap is good for most skin types and especially sensitive skin and children. Additionally, it takes a long time for this soap to cure. We recommend you cure this recipe for the standard 4 – 6 weeks, but it is not uncommon for a pure Castille to take 3 months and some traditional factories will let it cure for up to a year. Once cures and properly stored, this soap will last for several years on the shelves.