Black Cherry Dream Swirl

This is a very simple recipe that I have written in a 1 lb form. Use the soap calculator to increase to a standard 3lb. loaf. The method is a very basic swirl, with notes and comments of the fragrance used, for those who want to explore the 'sweet treat' type fragrance oils.

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Black Cherry Dream Swirl

This recipe yields 1 lb. If you want to make a standard 3 lb. Full loaf use the

Soap Calculator

and increase your batch to 3 lbs. This is a great easy recipe for a beginner cold process method. The swirl is easy and the fragrance is selected because it has no vanilla content, which makes it easy to maintain the color contrast for beginners.

  • Water 6.08 oz.

  • Lye 2.27 oz.

  • Black Cherry Fragrance .5 oz.

  • Lard 4.8 oz.

  • Canola Oil 4. Oz.

  • Coconut Oil 4.8 oz

  • Shea Butter 2.4 oz.

  • Dark Cherry Mica, Pink Mica, Titanium Dioxide

Follow the standard cold process method. Measure and combine your lard, coconut oil, and Shea butter and canola oil into a bowl and warm the mixture in the microwave just long enough to melt your oils and butters into a liquid. Be careful not to burn the oil. Short bursts of 3-5 seconds until the hard oils have melted is sufficient.

Set your oils aside to cool. In a different bowl mix your lye into the water (with your mask, safety glasses and gloves, of course). Once the lye solution is well mixed let the water cool down for a few minutes. Allow this to settle below 120 degrees.

Pour the lye solution into the bowl of oils and blend with your hand mixer until you have a soft yellow pancake batter. After only a minute your soap will begin to turn into a pudding texture and come to trace. Now, you will add your fragrance to the entire batter.

Next, separate your batter into three parts and add your three colors. Blend the soap batter until you get the black cherry colors you desire with the pink, white, and dark cherry colors. You can typically add the pink and cherry mica directly into the soap batter and mix. Your titanium dioxide has a different consistency than the mica. You will get a better result if you dissolve the powder into 3 tsp. of oil first, and then add the oil to your soap batter. This will prevent little specks and clumps and make the white color more even.

Now, bring the soap mold or dish you are using to mold your soap. Remember, this recipe is for a pound, 16 ounces of soap. A small silicone mold is sufficient. A full bread loaf will be a 3 pound recipe. Pour the lightest color at the bottom of the mold until the bottom is covered. Continue to layer the colors one after another until your batter has been completely poured. Your layers will look amazing. Don’t forget to add some swirl to your Black Cherry Swirl. Take a spoon or a chop stick and swirl your colors about in the batter. The look of your swirls will depend on how thick the batter is at the time you layer it. The thinner the batter the wispier the swirls and the thicker the batter the fatter the swirls. If you want a look with thinner swirls you will have to work quickly to get your layers poured before the batter thickens up. If you want fatter swirls you can work more slowly and then the batter thicken as you work.

Note: You will quickly recognize that this is a fairly basic and simple recipe. This is a great recipe to book-mark if you are exploring with a new fragrance. The oils are common, and we've incorporated white into the color mix so you can see how a new fragrance will affect the outcome of white color, and it is a small 1 lb. batch.

The Black Cherry Fragrance number 453 from Crafter's Choice oil is great for beginners who want to find a sweet fragrance that they can use for cakes, treats, and cupcakes style soaps. The 'food' type fragrance does smell like sweet cherries and almost has a cheesecake scent. However, there is no (zero) vanilla content so no need for a vanilla stabilizer and the colors won't change during the curing process. Furthermore, this fragrance doesn't accelerate the trace, or rice in your recipe. It behaves very well, and this makes it a good choice for a beginner to explore and practice.